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      Camera module assembly machine hl-19f7-3


      內容詳情/Details of the content

      Camera module assembly machine hl-19f7-3
      Equipment parameters:
      Size: 3650 * 2850 * 1700mm
      Weight: About 800kg
      Power supply: AC220 V / 50 Hz
      Power: 1.5kw
      Air pressure: 0.6MPa - 0.8MPa
      Supporting torque: 0.6kg
      CCD accuracy: ± 0.1 ~ 0.4mm
      Control mode: computer + touch screen + PLC
      Efficiency: 5-10 seconds, depending on the actual situation of the product
      Equipment function: chip cleaning (twice) + chip detection and screening + PCB and IR-cut package + lens cleaning + screwing + auto focusing + dispensing + curing
      Supporting equipment: 1 main engine + 1 focusing equipment + 2 upper board machines + 1 lower board machine + 1 folding machine (connected with focusing equipment)
      Equipment advantages: Super labor + high automation + high efficiency